Corporate Finance

Undertaking a corporate finance transaction is ultimately the responsiblity of a management team. We can support those management teams, but do not act as an intermediary or broker.


We are able to support the management team and the professional advisers of buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process.  This can extend from helping develop a long list of possible M&A targets to managing the due diligence process – helping sellers prepare and gather the material that will allow a transaction to run smoothly as well as working with buyers and their professional advisers to ensure that a thorough due diligence process is achieved. 


We utilise our understanding of the mobile and media sectors, along with our corporate finance experience to provide our clients with the sort of analysis that helps them make educated decisions.  Our in-depth understanding of key valuation methodologies (both market and economic based) is invaluable in price negotiations.


We can also help prepare for a fundraising process for start-ups, helping write a draft of an information memorandum or business plan and working with other advisers to manage the process, freeing up management time to concentrate on running and growing the business.


Finally, we bring experience of managing the integration of acquisitions into large media companies, ensuring that the benefits are truly realised.


Our services include the following:

  • Revenue forecasting and financial modelling
  • Business plan development
  • Valuations
  • Fundraising preparations
  • Post acquisition integration management