Welcome to Season Consultants

Season Consultants provides advice to clients in the technology, media and communication sectors. We work with both start ups and some of the largest media companies in the world.  Our consulting experience includes change management, corporate strategy, business planning, new market investigations and certain corporate finance related work such as managing due diligence and integration processes.


Convergence across the communication and media / entertainment value chain is now happening. This offers huge opportunities and challenges to traditional media companies and mobile operators. We have deep experience in this area, developing solutions for all sizes of company.


We are partners for management teams, working collaboratively with our clients. Our approach is strategic, rigorous and analytical but has focus on real-world implementation: quickly delivering real growth opportunities.  We are not intermediaries or brokers, but provide resource and support to our clients.


We combine experience in strategy consulting, investment banking and in corporate roles in major media companies – bringing both technical skills with the perspective of having actually been responsible for “making it happen”.


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